It will take you 3km to go and discover the Jura Parc. Buffalos, wolves, bears are in their paths on a natural site. Great playgrounds for children, beautiful ballads, a fondue on the fire….

The Vallorbe Caves are the biggest / deepest of the Jura and Europ's most interesting ones. Opened to the public sins 25 years, they give you a fascinating discovery with a wonderful natural lightship.

In Vallorbe, 7km away from the hotel. Enter the house of "Grandes Forges", in the heart of the city of Vallorbe. The Museum of Ironwork industry and railways will tell you the significance of iron and its use in the area sins 1495 to today. 

12Km away from the hotel, on the other side of the lake, discover 500m2 of a unique exhibition : the development of the genius watchmaking for a whole area. Total immersion into an other universe !

The Charbonnières Farm Museum presents you a collection of different items for the making of the Vacherin Mont d'Or. You can taste an oven heated Vacherin, or buy local products.Site Webpage

Visiting the area will make you discover :

- The big abbey in Romainmôtier, 15km away from the hotel

- The Castel of Joux, 16km

- The Fort at Pré-Giroud 1939-1945, 8km -…

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